TS-D1000-DU Delegate Unit

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TS-D1000-DU   Delegate Unit

The TS-D1000-DU Delegate Unit of the TOA’s Digital Conference System can be instantly used by simply connecting it to the TS-D1000-MU Master Control Unit using CAT5e STP LAN cables. Option microphones, TS-D1000-M1 or TS-D1000-M2 comes in 2 different length to fit every application’s need.

Power Source 24 V DC (supplied from the TS-D1000-MU Master Control Units (option),

                                        TS-D1000-SU Sub Control Units (option),

                                        TS-D1000-EX Extension Units (option))

Power Consumption 1.5 W or less

Signal to Noise Ratio 65 dB or more (A-weighted)

Input Microphone terminal: XLR-3-31 type

Output Monitor speaker: 8 Ω, 0.4 W

Earphone: ø3.5 mm mini Jack (3P:monaural) × 2

Speaker Output 75 dB SPL

Connecting Terminal RJ45 connector x 2

LED Indicator Power Indicator, Speech indicator

Function Speech function, Earphone volume control (x2)

Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃

Operating Humidity 90 %RH or less (no condensation)

Finish Case: ABS resin, black, matte finish, paint

Speaker Net: Steel plate, black, matte finish, paint

Dimensions 208.9 (W) × 71.3 (H) × 160.5 (D) mm

Weight 875 g

Option Standard Microphone: TS-D1000-M1

Long Microphone: TS-D1000-M2




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